About Intellectual Takeout

At Intellectual Takeout (ITO), we research complex ideas and policy issues and make them digestible. We do so by slicing and dicing academic, think tank, government, and historical research into quotes, charts & graphs, commentary, studies, videos, podcasts, primary documents, books, and even links to other sites. We then serve it all up topic by topic in what we call topic overviews. All of the researched material is linked and sourced so you can feel secure sharing it with friends,  family, associates, and others.

As for who we are, Intellectual Takeout is a non-partisan, educational 501(c)(3) institution based in Minnesota, with staff and volunteers located around the country, and even internationally. Since our founding in January 2009, we have been committed to playing a pivotal role in fundamentally reshaping American culture based on the ideals of freedom, justice, and subsidiarity. To do so, we feed minds, foster discussion, and inspire action based on the principles and virtues necessary for human flourishing.

When it comes to our work, our lives, and how we interact with others our guiding principles are prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude.

Our Perspective

Looking toward the futureSince the New Deal almost eighty years ago, promises made by federal, state, and local government to Americans regarding their health care, retirement, safety, and general prosperity have been piling up. In order to fulfill those promises, subsequent generations in turn have been required to shoulder an increasingly heavier burden of regulations, taxes, and debt.

Today, we find ourselves inheriting a highly-regulated society  wherein hardly any activity or creation is left untouched by government influence. It is a society in which freedom is but a shadow of what it once was and what it should be.

Some say it's different now than in bygone eras because society has evolved and the world is more complex. In fact, many in the establishment argue that a highly active government, partnered with politically-connected businesses, is necessary in order to have a just and prosperous society in the modern world. At Intellectual Takeout, we do not believe that to be true.

Be assured, a "just and prosperous" society built around a highly-active government favoring special interests is neither just nor prosperous. More to the point, the bill for that society is likely to come due on our generation's watch. The time to take back our future is now.

Intellectual Takeout was founded to take back our future because there is a better way forward. We reach back to deeper truths in order to present what could be, based on the ideals of freedom, justice, and subsidiarity. By doing so, we hope to provide our readers with the knowledge, clarity, and confidence necessary to pursue a bright future.