Celebrate Business on Facebook!

Business is BeautifulTired of business getting a bum rap? We are, too. In fact, we're always humoured, and slightly annoyed, when we go into a business that's promoting ideas anti-thetical to business (think coffee shops and other hipster spots). 

To be fair, we realize that business hasn't done the best job of marketing itself as an idea over the last century or so, and that's a shame. Think about it, all the things you enjoy are likely a result of business: cars, bikes, safe baby equipment, iPods, climate controlled houses, refrigerators, lights, computers, coffee, the cups the coffee comes in, and more. 

Much has been accomplished by business. Let's recognize and promote the truth that business as an idea is a good thing. Sure, there are individual actors and businesses that do things wrong, but overall business gives each of us the opportunity to better the lives of others while being rewarded in the process. 

Below, you can pick from a few images that you can make your Facebook banner in just a few steps. It's fun, it's cool, and it helps change minds. Remember, business is good, beautiful, and makes lives better. Enjoy!

Here's how one looks on Facebook:

Business is Beautiful Example

Here's how to do it on your Facebook account:

Step 1 - Pick one of the images below:

Step 2 - Right click on the image you want and save it to your computer.

Step 3 - Go to Profile Banner on Facebook. Click here. You'll see a menu titled "Upload Your Own":

Facebook PB Menu

Choose the image file you saved to your computer. Then you'll need to select "Scale, Crop & Rotate Image." After that, click "Upload." Once you click "Upload" you'll need to "Squash", "Scale", and maneuver the image to fit into the boxes. Once it looks good, click "Post" and then follow the directions after that. Enjoy! 

Business is Good

Business is Good

Business is Beautiful (feminine)

Business is Beautiful

Business is Beautiful (masculine)

Business is Beautiful M

Business Makes Life Better

Business Makes Life Better