Learn: History of Education in America

While we don't often consider "learning" as "doing something", it's important that each of us understands how much education has changed in America. It's hard to debate what's wrong with the current system without understanding how much education has become a monopolistic system that hardly stands up to the educational performance of the past. To help you gain clarity and knowledge on this issue, we've put together five topic overviews that tell the story of education in America. 

The five overviews are listed below and trace the evolution of education in America from the colonial period to today. If you haven't already, go through each topic page and consider the quotes, charts, primary documents, analysis, and more. We all but guarantee that you will come away with a great appreciation for true education and a greater understanding of the problems inherent in the modern, progressive education model. 

Education in Colonial America
Education in Colonial America

Horace Mann and American Education Reform
Horace Mann and Education Reform 1840.jpeg


John Dewey, Pragmatism, and Progressive Education
John Dewey Progressive Education


Progressive Education Since World War II
Progressive Education since WWII


Cost of Public Education: Good Return on Investment?
Education Costs