Teachers: Consider the Association of American Educators

American Association of Educators Teachers UnionsAre you a teacher who is tired of the politics of the teachers unions though still wanting/needing the benefits of a professional teachers' association? The American Association of Educators (AAE) may be what you're looking for.

According to the Association of American Educators, the AAE "is the largest national nonunion professional teachers association, advancing the profession through teacher advocacy and professional development, as well as promoting excellence in education, so that our members receive the respect, recognition and reward they deserve.

The AAE is America's fastest growing national, nonprofit, nonunion teachers' association with members in all 50 states. It offers professional member benefits such as liability insurance and legal protection, professional development, newsletters, scholarships, classroom grants, and a voice on educational issues—but at a fraction of the cost of most other associations' dues. And AAE does not spend members' dues on partisan politics, nor does it support or oppose controversial agendas unrelated to education."

Sound good? If so, you can learn more about the Association of American Educators and how to join by clicking on their logo below:

Association of American Educators Non-Union Teachers

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