Watch: "The Cartel"

While there are a variety of really good documentaries about the failing public school systems in America, "The Cartel" stands alone in its frontal assault on the teacher unions, particularly those in New Jersey. If you'd like to get an inside look into how some teacher unions operate and the effects they have on education, you'll want to watch "The Cartel."

From the movie's website: "This movie will force the scales to fall from the eyes of policymakers, education officials, reformers, intellectuals, teachers, and taxpayers. Putting a human face on the harm done by the educational cartel, The Cartel takes us beyond the statistics, generalizations, and abstractions that typically frame our debates about education—and draws an unequivocal bottom line: If we care about our children's futures, we must insist upon far-reaching and immediate reform. And we must do it now." 

Here's the trailer: 


You can order the movie at the website: It makes for a great movie to show to friends, families, or even local groups. (Intellectual Takeout derives no monetary benefit from promoting this movie.)

If you're not sure about getting a copy, here's a short clip from the movie: