Watch: "Waiting for Superman"

If you’d like to get an inside look on the failures of the current public education system in America, we recommend taking the time to watch the documentary “Waiting for Superman” by Davis Guggenheim (Director of "An Inconvenient Truth").

"Director Davis Guggenheim undertakes an exhaustive review of public education, surveying 'drop-out factories' and 'academic sinkholes,' methodically dissecting the system and its seemingly intractable problems." Here’s the trailer for the movie: 

You can rent the movie at Netflix and even watch it streaming. Simply click here. (If you are not logged in to your Netflix account, you'll be redirected to the website's homepage.) 

In all likelihood, you will be moved by the movie. It's both disturbing and personal, and does an amazing job of showing just how much the education system is holding kids back. 

Finally, after you watch "Waiting for Superman" please consider hosting a movie night with friends and family to watch it again. The only way we're going to fix the education system in America and give kids the opportunity to excel is by spreading information. You can play a key part in changing the direction of our country by sharing this movie with friends and family. 

To learn more about "Waiting for Superman," you can visit the official website here. Intellectual Takeout derives no monetary benefit from promoting this movie.