Tell DC: Stop Spending Future Generations into Debt!

National Debt PetitionTo: The President and the Congress of the United States of America

Whereas: Congress, the Department of the Treasury, and the Executive Branch have increased the United States’ national debt to over $14 trillion by 2011.

Whereas: The national debt doubled in less than ten years and is expected to double again in the next ten years.

Whereas: Each American’s share of the national debt is $45,684, every American household’s share is $119,688, and every American household that “pays more in federal taxes than they receive in benefits from the federal government” share is $299,221.

Whereas: The 2011 deficit is projected to be over 10% of America’s economy and the national debt is equal to or greater than the entire American economy. (Gross domestic product, the measurement of America's wealth, is $14 trillion.)

Whereas: By roughly 2052 the interest payment alone on the national debt will consume almost all federal spending.

Whereas: An ever increasing national debt will lead to inflation, a weakened national government, and lower quality of life for every American.

Therefore: It’s time to hold the federal government accountable to the American People and future generations. I urge you to do everything in your power to stop the government from deficit spending, to balance the government’s budget, and to pay down the national debt!

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