Kill Your TV

Okay, so we don't expect you to drive a wooden stake into your flat screen. Plus, we're total hypocrites since we watch some TV. But here's the point: People waste a ton of time watching TV.

If you're cool with government taking over your future, than keep watching Dancing with the Stars. If you consider yourself to be a free man or woman and want to live in a free society, then watch what you are watching on the tube.

As you should already know, we're big fans of free market economics. One of the simple realities that many folks forget when dreaming up ways for government to "help" is that resources are limited. This fact should make sense to the members of a society currently obsessed with sustainability and renewable resources. Your time happens to be one of those extremely valuable, non-renewable and limited resources. Don't waste it watching endless hours of television.

There's another problem with TV: It's generally portraying a Leftist worldview. Think about it... How often are businessmen portrayed in a positive and realistic manner? Not too often. How often is divorce and a permissive lifestyle treated as no big deal? Regularly. (Surely those kids won't be screwed up, and if they are, it's probably the overbearing dad's fault!) What about those cool crime shows? Yeah, no distortions there. Finally, have you ever noticed an eery similarity to legislation being pushed and what's being talked about in TV shows? There's a reason for that.

To our left-leaning friends: We completely agree that the corporate world is all over TV, too. We're not turning a blind eye to advertising to kids, setting unrealistic earning/lifestyle expectations, and so on.

Let it be said that when you are watching TV, you are being influenced to view the world however those involved in making the show (and the ads) want you to view it. This influence often entails changing societal relationships and perceptions, proposing a new role for government promoted by an activist group, and, of course, getting you to buy things. Don't believe us? Read on from the Left, Right, and Center:

If you choose to watch TV, be proactive in your program choice. Don't waste time watching visual valium; support shows that advocate freedom and a virtuous life.

Better yet, read a book!