Using Intellectual Takeout in Class

We've built Intellectual Takeout to provide you with quick, easy access to information. In time, we hope to become your one-stop-shop for the ideas of freedom.

If your professor allows you to bring your laptop to class (if not, you can use an iPhone), we recommend keeping a tab open to Intellectual Takeout.

As we continue to generate new content on the site, you will be able to fact check the ideas and claims that a professor, TA, or fellow student happens to be promoting.

Let's say the discussion in class turns to climate change and how climate skeptics shouldn't be given a voice because they're wrong and we need to take action now. You can quickly search for the term "climate change" in our search engine. Once the list of results is pulled up, you can then filter your results within the Library Topics by choosing the type of content you want: Quotes, Charts & Graphs, Commentary, Analysis, Videos and Podcasts, Primary Documents, Recommended Reading, and Links.

Staying with the climate change search, let's say you want to see just the graphs. Click "Charts & Graphs," and then click "Apply." Your search is now narrowed down to just charts and graphs that have to do with climate change. Think of Intellectual Takeout's search feature as similar to Google's ability to filter for images, videos, books, etc. Here's an example of what it looks like:

In the example above, you'll notice that each search result has an icon to its left. Those icons correspond to the type of material you are viewing, in this case charts and graphs. If you don't want to filter your results, you can know what kind of content you are viewing based on the icon to its left.

Continuing with the example above, you click on "Climate Change Proponents Outrank Opposing Views Nearly 13-to-1." Maybe you want to share it with a few friendly conservatives, libertarians, or other freedom-lovers in class, or you want to Tweet it or throw it up on Facebook. There's a quick way to log in to your account from our site. Take a look below:

The "Tell a Friend" feature is indicated by the red arrow. As you can see, from there you can log in to a variety of social media and e-mail accounts and even your blog. Of course, if you'd really like to make waves, you may want to set up an e-mail account with a few class e-mail lists set up as a group; that way it just takes one e-mail to reach your classmates. Perhaps saying something like, "How can we discount the skeptics' arguments, when we haven't really been exposed to many of their points? The major networks have been consistently censoring them. Maybe we should actually give the skeptics a fair opportunity to voice their concerns."

Remember, you can do this with many topics and in many locations. When issues comes up that you'd like to get some freedom-loving perspective on, whether you're in class, at the pub, or just hanging out with friends, search Intellectual Takeout. We're here to help you take back your future. If we aren't currently covering a topic you need answers on, just let us know.


If you decide to use our material in class for debating, please read up on a few tips here.